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Build your customer base with testimonials

When the economy feels uncertain, people still look for entertainment of all kinds. Traditionally, game sales run opposite to the economic cycles, making games an easier sale when the economy goes down.

But how do you reach new customers and tell them about your store? Leverage the power and reach of your current customers through testimonials! When one person recommends your store to a friend or co-worker, you get value that goes far beyond what any advertising could deliver.

Try some of these ideas to spur customer testimonials: Continue reading


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Speak out and promote your business for free

Looking for an inexpensive way to promote your business? Get out and start talking!

Every month, service clubs and community organizations need speakers for their meetings. Granted, you can’t stand up and deliver an unvarnished sales pitch, but you *can* share your expertise and your knowledge. That establishes you as “the expert” in your area. Better yet, giving one interesting presentation usually leads to invitations from other groups, giving you access to a broader range of listeners.

So, what can you talk about? It depends on the products that your store carries and your knowledge in the industry.

Here are a few ideas to get you going: Continue reading

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