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Announce your GRD board candidacy by April 3!

You have something to say — so say it! Make a difference for retailers throughout our industry by joining the GAMA Retail Division board. Announce your candidacy for a GRD Board position by posting a message on the Game Industry Network (GIN) discussion board by April 3, 2009.

Your post should include three things:

  • a brief biography/resume
  • your goals in serving on the Board
  • your ideas for how the GRD can help its members’ businesses.

Each post will be its own thread, and other members should feel free to respond with questions to the candidates to help them with their decisions.

The deadline for declaring candidacy on the GIN will be Friday, April 3, 2009, so submit your information today!

See the complete rules and information about this year’s GRD election process here.


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2009 GRD Board election deadlines and process

GAMA Retail Division Votes for Change in Election Rules
The GAMA Retail Division voted earlier this year to change their Election Guidelines to allow GRD members not attending the GAMA Trade Show (April 14-17, 2009, at Bally’s in Las Vegas) to participate in the election of Board Members. Part of the business of the new Board elected this year at GTS will include formalizing the system the GRD uses for that process, but we wanted to make sure that the mandate from the membership was not ignored for this year’s elections.

With the understanding that this year’s system is a temporary measure meant to address this need in short order, and will be formalized in the coming year for future elections, here’s the system we’re proposing for this year’s GRD Board Member elections.

If you have any questions, please contact Kelli Wallace, GRD Chair, at kellwallace2000@yahoo.com. Continue reading

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GRD Board meets in Columbus; WotC and WizKids attend

The GAMA Retail Division board met on October 2-3 in Columbus, Ohio. The board members accomplished quite a lot, including planning projects for the next year and setting the GTS 2009 retail seminar schedule.

Representatives of Wizards of the Coast and WizKids also attended the meeting as invited guests to discuss seminar timing at GTS 2008. Many retailers commented that last year’s GTS manufacturer seminars conflicted with Retailer seminars, making it hard for retailers to attend both educational programs and manufacturer presentations.

Company representatives spent the first afternoon and the next morning in the meeting, and engaged in some very productive conversations. GAMA feels confident that with the level of communication everyone enjoyed this year, scheduling conflicts like we had in 2008 won’t happen again in 2009.

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Retail members: Join the Retail Division Forum

If you’re a Retail Member of GAMA, don’t forget about the GAMA Retail Division Forum! GAMA has set up this forum as a way for retailers to talk to retailers, without any of the other tiers in the industry “listening” in. This forum is not open to members outside of the GRD Membership, GRD Board, and GAMA staff.

Invitations and reminders were sent out to all current GAMA Retail members this week. If you didn’t get one, please contact Trey Reilly (programs@gama.org). If you’re unsure about your membership status, please contact Jodie Ramsey (ops@gama.org).

To access the forums, visit http://forums.delphiforums.com/GAMARetailers/start.

Come join the discussions, and chat with your Retail peers!

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GRD seminars and support at Gen Con’s Trade Day

This year’s Gen Con Trade Day is right around the corner! Again this year, the event features retail seminars and events sponsored by the GAMA Retail Division, along with a great day of mingling with the manufacturers! For more information, visit the Gen Con website at www.gencon.com/2008/indy/tradeday-prof/default.aspx.

Don’t miss Gen Con’s second annual Trade Day on Wednesday, August 12!

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Hear the best of GTS 2007 at Pulp Gamer

Relive the best of both the retailer and publisher seminar track from GTS 2007 thanks to the folks at the Pulp Gamer podcast. To hear the seminars, point your web browser to www.pulpgamer.com/category/gama-trade-show-seminars/.

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New GRD forum on Delphi

GAMA created a new discussion and information forum for GAMA Retail Division (GRD) members. You may have already received an invitation to join through the Delphi system.

This forum gives GAMA Retail Division members a place to discuss GAMA-related topics (the organization itself, things that members want GAMA to do, and such) with fellow members and GAMA staff. We wholeheartedly encourage GAMA Retail Division members to also participate in the industry-wide discussions at the Game Industry Network (GIN). If you aren’t familiar with the GIN, visit forums.delphiforums.com/titangamesinsid/start to learn more about this valuable industry resource.

To join the new GRD forum, simply follow the instructions in your invitation. All of the information you need is there, including both the forum link and the member password.

If you need a new invitation or run into any problems joining the forum, please contact Trey Reilly at programs@gama.org.

If you never used Delphi Forums before, you’ll need to register for a free Delphi account. It only takes a minute and the basic level of membership is free.

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