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New GRD forum on Delphi

GAMA created a new discussion and information forum for GAMA Retail Division (GRD) members. You may have already received an invitation to join through the Delphi system.

This forum gives GAMA Retail Division members a place to discuss GAMA-related topics (the organization itself, things that members want GAMA to do, and such) with fellow members and GAMA staff. We wholeheartedly encourage GAMA Retail Division members to also participate in the industry-wide discussions at the Game Industry Network (GIN). If you aren’t familiar with the GIN, visit forums.delphiforums.com/titangamesinsid/start to learn more about this valuable industry resource.

To join the new GRD forum, simply follow the instructions in your invitation. All of the information you need is there, including both the forum link and the member password.

If you need a new invitation or run into any problems joining the forum, please contact Trey Reilly at programs@gama.org.

If you never used Delphi Forums before, you’ll need to register for a free Delphi account. It only takes a minute and the basic level of membership is free.


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GAMA’s credit card program saves money for members

The savings just keep growing! Over 70 GAMA-member stores and manufacturers already save money every month with GAMA’s special credit card processing program through Cynergy Data. Isn’t it time to bring home more profit from your store?

Keep more of your hard-earned profits by joining GAMA’s credit card processing system. Get more information at www.gama.org/programs/credit-card-program. (Sign into the site to see the details!)

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The Mentorship Program returns

GAMA announces the rollout of the newly revised Mentorship Program!

  • Are you an established retailer? Help strengthen the industry by mentoring other retailers!
  • Are you a new retailer, or do you have questions? Sign up for the program and get the Mentoring that you need and want.

The program matches current retailers with more experienced retailers either for general business mentorship or to assist with a problem or question in a specific business area.
The program’s profile questionnaire — a new feature of the program — helps match mentee retailers with experienced mentor retailers outside their local market who can help them.

The questionnaire allows for a much more comprehensive matching process than previously possible. Also, the new survey does not require providing financial data, either when acting as a mentor or when seeking assistance as a mentee. GAMA understands that retailers are naturally hesitant about providing financial data to anyone. There’s really no need to be discussing these things if all you have is a question about POS systems. Of course, those retailers who have issues involving the financial aspects of their business will be able to discuss them confidentially with their Mentors but that information will never be in a database.

This program has enormous potential to improve the quality of the retail landscape. Every year we see retailers helping each other at GTS. For many attendees, that’s what the show is really about! But retailers want and need a mechanism by which they could do that outside of the show.

While the Game Industry Network (on Delphi Forums) is a phenomenal tool, it is still a public forum. The new Mentorship Program allows retailers to seek assistance in complete confidentiality, be matched with a Mentor outside their local market, and receive advice from people who are experienced in that subject area.

If you’re interested in receiving mentorship or in volunteering as a Mentor, please register by filling out the Mentorship Questionnaire on GAMA’s Web site at www.gama.org/grd/mentorship. The Questionnaire is very concise and only takes a few minutes to complete.As an association, GAMA is dedicated to helping its members sell more games; and through the GAMA Mentorship Program we’ve established the infrastructure through which our members can help each other. We hope you’ll participate and help as we work to strengthen the retail tier.

The Mentorship Program originally started in the Spring of 2000 to assist individuals interested in opening a gaming store navigate the start up process. “GAMA wholeheartedly thanks all of the individuals whose hard work created, operated, and oversaw the original Mentorship Program, and the new group of GAMA Retail Division volunteers who brought this important program back,” said Anthony Gallela, GAMA’s executive director. “Your work made, and will continue making, a big difference for lots of retailers in our industry.”

-GAMA’s Retail Division

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Weekly Update for November 19, 2007

November 19, 2007

There’s plenty happening here at GAMA Central, so watch for weekly updates appearing in your mailbox and in GAMA’s other online news outlets.

First-year success in Lucca
GAMA ran a booth with some selected products at the Lucca Comic and Game Fest in Lucca, Italy. LC&G is the oldest comic convention in the world, and started featuring games about 10 years ago. GAMA created a small presence this year to “test the water”, but the booth sold over $1,200 of product, selling out of many of the things we brought. GAMA also assisted in getting, securing, and finalizing licensing arrangements for several products to be released in Italian. GAMA will attend the show with a larger presence next year. Watch for details on pricing and product recommendations.

Strong sales at the NAGC Show
This year’s Show and Sell booth at the National Association for Gifted Children Show in Minneapolis. Twelve companies displayed products at the show, and two more GAMA-member companies sent literature for display. Teachers and gifted resource people bought more than $1,800 worth of products at the show! Your next opportunity to reach the lucrative gifted education audience for information happens at next year’s Show and Sell booth. Watch for details on pricing and product recommendations.

GTS 2008 hotel reservations open!
Beat the annual rush by making your GTS 2008 hotel reservations now. Lock in the special GTS rate of just $127/night, good from April 17 (Thursday) through April 24 (Tuesday). Make the trip part business, part pleasure!

For more information, visit http://www.gama.org/shows-and-events/gts/travel.

Upcoming GTS deadlines
– December 6, 2007: Ad copy deadline for GTS Program Book
– January 25, 2008: “Timely Rate” booth deadline
– February 29, 2008: “Late Rate” booth deadline

New GAMA office hours
The GAMA office will be open Tuesday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST. A couple of years ago, the staff started working 10 hours each day, four days each week. Rather than stagger the “odd” day as we did in the past, we moved everyone to the same schedule for better operations.

Build your business with the GRD “Recommended Reading” list!
Chart your way to personal and business success through the GAMA Retail Division’s recommended reading list. Covering everything from customer service to organization to effectively leading your staff, these books help you take your business to the next level!

See the list at http://www.gama.org/communications/suggested.

New online presence almost (really) here!
Yes, it’s almost, *almost* done, but it got delayed by the recent show schedule. By the end of November, you can get all of the GAMA and Origins news you could ever want through the new GAMA and Origins blogs. Watch for the rollout announcements soon!

New 401(k) program coming soon!
Watch for news about GAMA’s new 401(k) retirement savings program. We’re signing contracts and working on announcement materials right now. You’ll love it!

GAMA’S credit card program saves money for members!
The savings just keep growing! Over 70 GAMA-member stores and manufacturers already save money every month with GAMA’s special credit card processing program through Cynergy Data. Isn’t it time to bring home more profit from your store?

Keep more of your hard-earned profits by joining GAMA’s credit card processing system. Get the details today at http://www.gama.org/programs/credit-card-program.

GAMA on the road
* Book Expo, May 29-June 1, 2008
* American Library Association Midwinter Meeting, January 11-16, 2008

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