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March 31 deadline for events in the Origins on-site book

Don’t forget – the final deadline for Origins Event Submissions is March 31, 2009. Events submitted after that deadline cannot be guaranteed to be in the Onsite Book if accepted.

To submit your events, or see the Origins event policies:

To look over our GM Benefits and Event Hours calculations:

Thank you, as always, for running events at Origins!


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Upcoming Origins deadlines

Whether you plan to attend, run a game, or exhibit at the show, there’s always plenty to do in the last few weeks before Origins! Here’s a look at the closest upcoming deadlines:

Event submission deadline
March 31 – Final deadline for events to get listed in the Origins on-site book

Exhibitor deadlines
April 15 – Origins goodie bag insert order deadline
April 30 – Origins On-site book ad reservation

Attendee pre-registration deadline
May 25 – Pre-registration closes. Sign up for your badge and events by then!

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