The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design Appoints GAMA Executive Director as Chair for 2013 Origins Awards

COLUMBUS, OH (November 6, 2012) The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design is pleased to announce GAMA Executive Director John Ward as the Chair for the 2013 Awards.

Hosted in Columbus Ohio at the Origins Game Fair June 18th-22nd, the Awards are the Industry’s oldest award program. This year’s Award ceremony will take place on Saturday evening June 15th.

“I am very excited to see John bring his energy to the Awards” said Richard Loomis, President of GAMA and the Academy. “GAMA is totally dedicated to making the Awards a great process for the industry”.

The Academy Chair appointment changes as the Board and Academy review the internal processes for the awards.

“I think that many of us saw that moving the administrative process away from our volunteer Academy and Board members and into the hands of the full time staff will not only make us more efficient, but will remove any perceptions of bias.” said Keith Blume, outgoing Chair. “It is critical that no single manufacturer is perceived to have any control over the awards if we want to ensure they remain inclusive and represent the entire industry on any given year.”

“I just want to thank Keith, the Academy and the Board for all their faith in the GAMA staff to handle such an important program.” said John Ward, Executive Director and new Academy Chair. “I agree that as we reviewed the awards, it only made sense to keep the administration as neutral as possible and that means the full time staff taking a more active role.”

This year, the Academy will focus on two major tasks: the administration of the 2013 awards and the improvement of the Academy.

“We need to stimulate more interest in participating in the academy and that is always hard when you want people to volunteer” said John Ward. “As the new Chair and Executive Director, we can easily tie in more incentives for professionals to participate in the academy and awards process. In light of the changes and to facilitate maximum participation in the awards, I am pleased that the Academy has approved extending this year’s deadline to December 15th 2012”.

GAMA and the Academy have outlined a three year process for the Awards that will be released later this fall. 

For more information on how to submit a game or how you can participate in the Origins Awards, please visit us on both the Academy & Origins websites at or at .


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