2012 GAMA Trade Show Update

Dear Hobby Game Retail Store Owner,

We want to reach out to you again about the GAMA Trade Show!

Hosted at Bally’s Las Vegas on March 12-16, this event provides opportunities for retailers to learn from and network with manufacturers, retailers and professionals in our industry.

This year’s show is sponsored by Bandai, Wizards of the Coast, Mayfair Games, Cryptozoic, WizKids, Konami, Impressions, Games Workshop, Osprey, Fantasy Flight, AEG, Paizo, Topps, Sandstorm, Alliance, ACD, and ICV2.

Please remember to book your flight before rates go up!

Do not forget that a hotel stay at Bally’s is only $114 per night. GAMA recognizes that Vegas hotels sometimes offer better room rates. If you choose not to stay at Bally’s, help GAMA by staying at any Harrah’s properties. If you wish to stay at another Harrah’s property, you can use this link to find a rate that meets your Vegas Budget! Please let us know where you stay when you check in. We just want you at the show!

Five Reason to Attend GTS:

  1. Retailer Appreciation Package: This year, each retail member that attends the Premier Presentation sessions will have a package worth over $1,300 retail shipped by Alliance directly to the member store after GTS.
  2. New Member Orientation Program: We want our new members to feel at home at GTS. Tuesday morning, join us for coffee; meet the GAMA Board, GAMA benefits providers, and each of our distributor members; and finally listen to manufacturer presentations geared to new stores.
  3. Teaching and Training: In addition to our outstanding seminar program, our sponsors are providing interactive teaching and demonstration sessions in breakout rooms. These Premier Presentation sessions are designed to provide “hands on” interaction between retailers and manufacturers to discuss, teach, and train on the newest releases. These sessions will be presented by Bandai, Wizards of the Coast, Mayfair Games, Cryptozoic, WizKids, Konami, Impressions, Osprey, Fantasy Flight, AEG, Paizo, and Topps.
  4. Meals and Updates: This year, retailers will have the majority of their meals covered at the show. We are providing short presentations at each sponsored lunch and the GAMA Dinner. One dinner ticket is free with your GAMA membership. (Additional tickets are only $20). Join us Wednesday night for Games Night. Manufacturers provide gaming and demos; snacks and drinks from 6 to midnight.
  5. It Pay$ to come!: With your $125 membership, you get over $1,300 worth of new product from our sponsors at GTS.

GTS is still the best bet in town!

Power Retail Awards Nominations Extended

We have found some contradicting dates for the Power Retail Awards Nominations on our website. To avoid excluding anyone, we have opted to extend the deadline for final submissions by interested nominees to February 20. Store nominations may be submitted to the GRD Chair (GRDChair@gama.org) until 11:59 PST on Tuesday, January 31, 2012. Please take 2 minutes now and nominate your store for all four categories: Outstanding Marketing, Outstanding Organized Play, Outstanding Store Design and Outstanding Store. Learn more about the Power Retail Awards and submitting your nomination on our website.

For more information about GTS, including online show registration and other details, visit us on the web at www.gamatradeshow.com!

I hope to see you at the show!
John Ward
Executive Director
Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA)
(614)-255-4500 ext.102


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