GAMA Retail Board Elects New Chair Person

GAMA is pleased to announce Joann Gain as the Chair of the GAMA Retail Board.

GAMA would like to thank our previous Chair Kell Wallace for all her hard work and dedication to the Retail Board. Kell stepped down this past September due to medical reasons. We wish her well with her recovery. Kell plans to attend GTS and provide assistance to the board as needed.

Joann Gain has owned a game and comic shop, Jester’s Playhouse, for fourteen years. She served as secretary on the GRD in 1998 and attended numerous main board meetings in that time. She mentored a few prospective game stores and attended Origins as a vendor for the last 13 years. As a GAMA member since 1995, she has attended fourteen GAMA Trade Shows.

As the Retail Chair, Joann will join other industry professionals on the main GAMA board.

“I’m excited to get to work as part of the main board,” says Joann. “I hope I can continue the legacy of what Kell started.”

Please welcome Joann in her new role as she begins her duties as Chair.


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