Announcement: New Academy Chair and Secretary for the Origins Awards

GAMA is pleased to announce Hal Mangold as the new Chair of the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design (AAGAD), which administers to the Origins Awards on Behalf of the Game Manufacturer’s Association (GAMA). Hal has been involved in hobby gaming since the late seventies, and professionally involved since the mid-nineties in both a freelance and full time capacity. Hal is a managing partner and production director for Green Ronin Publishing, and also runs Atomic Overmind Press.

“It’s a pleasure to take over where Paul Tevis’ excellent work as Academy Chair leaves off,” says Hal. “I’ve been involved with the Academy on and off for over a decade, and I’m proud to be able to do my part to continue to build the reputation and prominence of the Origins Awards.”

“I am really pleased that Hal has agreed to do this important job,” says Rick Loomis, President of the GAMA Board. “His enthusiasm and expertise gives me great confidence. I look forward to the coming year and I hope you do too!”

GAMA is also pleased to announce Samantha Hapney as the new Secretary of the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design, which assists the Chair in effectively executing the Origins Awards. Samantha is a long-time GAMA volunteer and has assisted GAMA in a variety of capacities.

GAMA would like to thank the previous Chair, Paul Tevis for all of his hard work and dedication to the AAGAD and to the Origins Awards. GAMA would also like to thank Nicole Charbonneau for all of her help as the previous Secretary and wish her the best of luck in Germany.

With the new leadership brings some enhancements in the Academy:

  • In the interest of allowing the juries enough time to fully evaluate every product properly, we are modifying the submission deadlines for the 2011 Origins Awards. Products eligible for consideration must be released by November 1st of 2010. Copies of these products must be postmarked by November 15th. Future eligibility cycles will run from November 2, 2010-November 1, 2011, etc.
  • We are also accepting submissions for the Origins Awards at ANY TIME throughout the year. If people have a product that they want to submit, they need not wait until the last minute to do so. Full details for submissions, including where to send them, can be found on the Origins Awards page at The revised and updated Academy Website will be online by mid October.
  • Make sure to follow Academy updates on Twitter @AAGAD_GAMA.

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