New Date for GAMA Trade Show 2010


The GAMA Trade Show (GTS) has moved dates!  Mark your calendar for March 22-26th, 2010 at Bally’s Las Vegas.  We have worked closely with Bally’s to not only move the date off of the Holiday weekend, but also to ensure that Bally’s will extend to our membership any room rate deals that the casino is offering.

In anticipation of GTS 2010, GAMA began calling individual retail store owners Friday the 25th to tell them about the show!

Staff and volunteers will continue to call individual retail stores and companies through December to increase visibility on the programs, seminars and opportunities that we provide at GTS.  We want to make sure that every retail store in America knows about the dynamic and helpful programs our association runs for GAMA members at the annual association trade show.

Remember the trade show is YOUR event. Our goal is to ensure we do our part to make GTS 2010 a success. Help us make GTS the best it can be by making sure we get your retailer lists and also by telling us what you want to see at the upcoming show.

We want to thank those members that have already sent in their retailer lists to the GAMA office. We are anticipating contacting many stores this year so please send your lists to Trey Reilly if you haven’t already.


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