Battlefront Group shows secret Flames of War project, more at GTS

From Battlefront Miniatures:

The Battlefront family will be attending the 2009 GAMA trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, from April 14th to the 17th.  Battlefront Miniatures, Gale Force Nine and Wargames Illustrated will all be in attendance this year.

For everyone attending the show, we encourage you to stop by the booth. Not only do we have a great giveaway bag loaded with a River of Heroes book for Flames of War, custom TAC template from GF9 and a retailer resource disk from Wargames Illustrated, but we also have senior management from all brands on site to answer any questions you might have.

Just a few great things to see at the booth:

* 25/28mm scale pre-painted scenery sets coming from GF9
* New format and feel of Wargames Illustrated magazine
* A super secret project for Flames of War
* and a few more things you will definitely not want to miss!


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