Lacey Act Update: Form available; so far, they say it covers paper

The paperwork to support the new changes to the Lacey Act, the Plant and Plant Product Declaration Form (PPQ Form 505), is now available online here.

According to the latest information that we received back from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the new expansions to the Lacey Act DO cover paper products used in our books and games. Here’s what a representative of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) told us about the Act’s coverage:

“Yes, the Lacey Act and the Declaration requirement do apply to paper, recycled paper and cardboard. To comply with the declaration requirement, you would need to fill out the declaration form available here. Your membership will need to know what species of tree was used to produce the paper. In the case of recycled material, you would need to indicate the % of recycled material, as well as, the species used to produce the non-recycled portion. ”

For general information about the Lacey Act, see the Lacey Act page at the Department of Agriculture website.

We continue gathering information and contacting the appropriate government representatives to express our grave concerns about these rules. Watch for more information soon!

(Special thanks to Chris Clark for sharing his early information about this!)


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