Build your customer base with testimonials

When the economy feels uncertain, people still look for entertainment of all kinds. Traditionally, game sales run opposite to the economic cycles, making games an easier sale when the economy goes down.

But how do you reach new customers and tell them about your store? Leverage the power and reach of your current customers through testimonials! When one person recommends your store to a friend or co-worker, you get value that goes far beyond what any advertising could deliver.

Try some of these ideas to spur customer testimonials:

  • Ask: It’s the simplest and cheapest way to encourage word-of-mouth, but it works. At the end of a sale, ask your customers to tell their friends about your store. Support it with a “new customer’s night” or special demonstration time. If they love your store, your customers will enjoy telling others about it.
  • Put on a “tell a friend” promotion: Create some simple referral cards that give a new customer a perk (free pair of dice, discount on a purchase, free drink, free snack, or something similar). On the back of the card, put a space for the referring person’s name. Post the names of the top referring customers on the game room wall.
  • Run a YouTube testimonial contest: Gamers are creative, so give them an outlet for the creativity. Run a contest for the best “why I love my favorite game store” video. Use store gift certificates as prizes. Set up some categories (funniest, most unusual, best individual, best group, and so on) and make a game out of it.
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