Speak out and promote your business for free

Looking for an inexpensive way to promote your business? Get out and start talking!

Every month, service clubs and community organizations need speakers for their meetings. Granted, you can’t stand up and deliver an unvarnished sales pitch, but you *can* share your expertise and your knowledge. That establishes you as “the expert” in your area. Better yet, giving one interesting presentation usually leads to invitations from other groups, giving you access to a broader range of listeners.

So, what can you talk about? It depends on the products that your store carries and your knowledge in the industry.

Here are a few ideas to get you going:
* General: your life as an entrepreneur, why you started your business, challenges that businesses face right now
* Comics: introduction to the current comic market, comic collectability, properly storing comics, comics and literacy, how superheroes changed over the years (focus on a well-known hero or tie this to a movie)
* Board games: playing games with the family, party games for the holidays, how board games changed in the last XX years (think back to games from your childhood and go from there), introduction to Eurogames and why they continue growing
* Role-playing games: creating stories and encouraging imagination, funniest, funny adventuring stories, how role-playing really works (because some people still don’t know)

Will people really want to hear you speak about your passion? Absolutely! Everyone loves a good story, particularly if you know things that the general public doesn’t. All you need is an idea, your knowledge, and an audience!


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