ConQuest Vegas pre-registration now open

Many of you who attended the GAMA Trade Show earlier this year asked about our gaming convention (ConQuest VEGAS – April 17-19, 2009) that we held on the top floor at Bally’s in cooperation and coordination with GAMA.

Well…ta-da! We have 2009 badges available now!

Next year ConQuest VEGAS will be the weekend following the trade show, which will end on Friday April 17. You can spend Friday afternoon and evening and all weekend playing games with us!

All the latest information is on our website, Even Rick Loomis is going to be there!! Tony Lakas has threatened to come. Who knows…maybe even loveable Marcus King will throw down some gaming goodness!

Weekend passes, which normally run for $45, are now on sale for only $30 directly through the website. That special lasts through October 31. We also have booths and sponsorships and program ads available for you industry folks out there.

The focus of the dealers tables at this show are small manufacturers who are already in Vegas for the weekend. We had the GPA, Scale Specialties, Mongoose Publishing, Empress Miniatures, and good ol’ Flying Buffalo as our manufacturers!

We also had visits from Chris and Nicole from Green Ronin, Steve from Amarillo Design Bureau, Peter from Hidden City Games/Gencon, James from Cheapass Games, and even a sneak peek of the new Titan from the Valley Games folks. (Apologies to anyone I missed!)

Honestly, everyone had a nice time, and got to play a bunch of really fun games. Heck, I’m even running a D&D game one night!

So, come on up (we’re on the top floor of the Bally’s!) and remember why it was you got in the industry. Ok, ok, ok…after making money….it was your love of games. Thanks to all, and hope to see you there!

— by Gabriel Vega
1st Mondo of ConQuest!


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