2009 Origins Game Fair themes announced

Get extra visibility for your tournaments and other events at the 2009 Origins Game Fair by connecting them to one of the show’s exciting themes. Show your savvy by running a themed event, hosting a themed seminar, or even decorating your exhibit hall booth in one of the themes. The most interesting theme-oriented events and seminars get featured in the special theme section in the on-site program guide!

Unleash your creative prowess with these four 2009 themes:

  • Diplomacy – The classic game “Diplomacy” celebrates its 50th anniversary next year, but the art of diplomacy goes deep into our genetic code. Whether haggling over trade goods, negotiating First Contact with an alien race, or preparing a hostile takeover, it’s all diplomacy.
  • Britannia – This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England! Come help us celebrate the British Isles from pre-history to Empire to what might have been — and what may yet become! The 2009 StrategiCorps also focuses on this theme.
  • Something Completely Different – Spoofs, satires and games of the offbeat take this theme to hilarious heights. Come make each other laugh as we celebrate all things funny with games, guests, tournaments, and seminars.
  • Pulp!- Bag the Big Beastie in the Valley of Dinosaurs, survive the Mummy’s Curse, or put to rest the last of those annoying Nazi Zombies — and do it in style! Explode into epic adventures set in the late 19th century through the 1950s. Explore unknown corners of this world or launch yourself into planets of imagination. Who knows what mysteries await you?

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