Board election fills vacancies, re-elects officers

The GAMA Board held a special election meeting on August 15, during the Gen Con game convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Voting members re-elected Jamie Chambers as vice-president and Aaron Witten as treasurer for two-year terms. They both ran unopposed.

This year’s election also filled three director-at-large positions. The newly-elected board members include Hal Mangold, Michelle Nephew, and Paul Tevis. Mangold and Nephew will fill two-year terms on the board, while Tevis will complete the remaining one-year term of the other director-at-large position. This marks Nephew’s return to the Board after several years off.

The board also honored the service of retiring members Will Niebling and Michael Stackpole by naming them Board Members Emeritus.

“I’m very excited that Hal, Michelle, and Paul are joining the GAMA board,” said Anthony Gallela, GAMA’s executive director. “They bring tremendous expertise and fresh insight to both the board and the organization.”

“I also deeply and sincerely thank Will and Michael for their service to the board. GAMA looks forward to their continued participation as emeritus board members,” Gallela added.

The board’s next meeting takes place this fall in Columbus, Ohio.


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