Build your business network with GAMA’s online forums

Expand your network of professional retailers and game industry experts through GAMA’s forums: the Game Industry Network and the GAMA Retail Division forum, both on Delphi Forums.

* The GAME INDUSTRY NETWORK (GIN) hosts an industry-only discussion on all aspects of games, from creation through sales. Game professionals use the forum to discuss issues, make announcements, look for and give advice, and more.

To join the conversation, send your request to Anthony Gallela ( Please include the following:
* your first and last name
* preferred email address
* for retailers: name, location, and your title of your store
* for other industry pros: name of your company and your title

* The GAMA RETAIL DIVISION FORUM gives GRD members a place to discuss GAMA-related topics (the organization itself, things that members want GAMA to do, and such) with fellow members and GAMA staff.

To join the GRD forum, please send your contact information to Trey Reilly (


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