The Mentorship Program returns

GAMA announces the rollout of the newly revised Mentorship Program!

  • Are you an established retailer? Help strengthen the industry by mentoring other retailers!
  • Are you a new retailer, or do you have questions? Sign up for the program and get the Mentoring that you need and want.

The program matches current retailers with more experienced retailers either for general business mentorship or to assist with a problem or question in a specific business area.
The program’s profile questionnaire — a new feature of the program — helps match mentee retailers with experienced mentor retailers outside their local market who can help them.

The questionnaire allows for a much more comprehensive matching process than previously possible. Also, the new survey does not require providing financial data, either when acting as a mentor or when seeking assistance as a mentee. GAMA understands that retailers are naturally hesitant about providing financial data to anyone. There’s really no need to be discussing these things if all you have is a question about POS systems. Of course, those retailers who have issues involving the financial aspects of their business will be able to discuss them confidentially with their Mentors but that information will never be in a database.

This program has enormous potential to improve the quality of the retail landscape. Every year we see retailers helping each other at GTS. For many attendees, that’s what the show is really about! But retailers want and need a mechanism by which they could do that outside of the show.

While the Game Industry Network (on Delphi Forums) is a phenomenal tool, it is still a public forum. The new Mentorship Program allows retailers to seek assistance in complete confidentiality, be matched with a Mentor outside their local market, and receive advice from people who are experienced in that subject area.

If you’re interested in receiving mentorship or in volunteering as a Mentor, please register by filling out the Mentorship Questionnaire on GAMA’s Web site at The Questionnaire is very concise and only takes a few minutes to complete.As an association, GAMA is dedicated to helping its members sell more games; and through the GAMA Mentorship Program we’ve established the infrastructure through which our members can help each other. We hope you’ll participate and help as we work to strengthen the retail tier.

The Mentorship Program originally started in the Spring of 2000 to assist individuals interested in opening a gaming store navigate the start up process. “GAMA wholeheartedly thanks all of the individuals whose hard work created, operated, and oversaw the original Mentorship Program, and the new group of GAMA Retail Division volunteers who brought this important program back,” said Anthony Gallela, GAMA’s executive director. “Your work made, and will continue making, a big difference for lots of retailers in our industry.”

-GAMA’s Retail Division


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